Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Shower of Rainy Season of 2007

Today, the Urban Season receives its first shower of the rainy season. The temperature has suddenly come down. It is quite soothing. There is relief from scorching heat. However, soon it will become quite sultry.

The power supply position is satisfactory on the whole. However, the bane of the urban estate, the bumpy, dugged and potted roads of the locality has become nighmare for the people and residents. The evening walkers are facing the muddy splashes when some unconcerned and untammed drivers pass by showing total disregard to passerbys.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Urban Estate Phagwara Owner’s Index

Urban Estate Phagwara Owner’s Index

The blogger is not responsible for the correctness and authenticity of the ownership of each plot in any manner whatsoever and at any time.

The following data has been extracted from the Directory issued by Urban Estate Residents Welfare Association (Regd.) and prepared under the supervision of contemporary President Manjit Singh. In his message appended to the directory, the President had acknowledged the efforts of Sh. Gurdeep Singh, Sh. Gurdawar Ram and S. Iqbal Singh in preparing the index of residents of the Urban Estate of Phagwara. Since then, the ownership of many plots had been changed. Secondly, the name of the owners who had not constructed their houses by that time does not appear in the index. Further, the name of the owners who had bought the plot in previous auction does not appear in the list.

Let it be clear that the compiler of the present extract and the administrator of this Blog, namely Urban Estate Community, does not stand responsible at all to any objection, contention and claims. The list is presented in good faith. It is aimed at providing information. But in no way the blogger stand guarantee and authentication source to approve any of the given fact.

However, if any of the concerned person desire to suggest any alteration, addition or correction, it will be readily done. The blogger is ready to display the photographs, sound tracks and video if desired.

The administrator of the blog also invites the owners of the plot in the Urban Estate whether resident or non-resident and even other people associated with Urban Estate like tenants, PUDA administration, Phagwara Municipal Council, etc to participate in presenting their views, own activities, any other display which is not opposed by any other person.

The list is an extract from the directory of Urban Estate Residents Association. The list was prepared by Sh. Gurdeep Singh, Sh. Gurdawar Singh and S. Iqbal Singh.

Sr. noKothi noName of the ownerRemarks
12Varinder Arora
23Sukhwinder Singh Bansal
34Ashok umar
46Amarjeet Singh
57Balwinder Kaur
68Sudesh Bansal
710Chaman Lal Nahar
814Shangara Singh Parmar
916Krishan Kumar Kaura
1017Chaman Lal
1118Sucha Ram
1223Rajesh Syal
1325Ramanjeet Singh
1429Parkash Singh
1531Gian Kaur
1632Chaman Lal
1733G. K. Sodhi
1834Dr. Krishan Mittal
1935Surinder Kaur
2037Tarsem Singh Kang
2138&39Harish Thaper
2240Late K. D. Sharma
2341Pawan Kapoor
2442Vipin Kapoor
2543Avtar Sharma
2644Tripta Kapoor
2745Amandeep Singh
2846Raminder Singh
2947Joginder Lal
3048Umesh Sharma
3150Balwant Singh
3254Nasib Chand
3355Er. Manohar Lal
3456Raminder Singh
3559Jiwan Singh
3660S. K. Varma
3761Ashok Aggarwal
3862Swatantar Kumar Gupta
3963Er. Bhajan Lal
4064H. C. Aggarwal
4166Kulwinder Kaur
4267Jaswinder Singh
4369Mahesh Gautam
4470Er. Satnam Singh Rai
4571Gurdev am Virdi
4672Er. K. K. Guru
4774Narinder Jeet Kaur Sohal
4875Prem Singh
4977Er. Jagdish Chander Virdi
5078Sohan Sehjal
5179Chand Kashmir
5280Mahesh Pal Shahpuri
5381Late Ajaib Singh Saini
5482Shital Nanuwa
5583Kamaljeet Kaur
5684Sukhwinder Singh
5786Kamaljeet Singh
5888Sukhwinder Kaur
5989Amarjeet Kaur
6091Kirpal Singh
6192Harwinder Singh
6293Avtar Singh
6394M. S. Nijhar
6495Amrik Singh Sambhi
6596Prem Pal
6697Gurdev Singh
6798Neelam Sandhu
6899Heera Lal Chamba
69101Gurdeep Singh
70104Surinder Pal Singh
71105Piara Lal
72106Gian Chand Kauldhar
73107Prof. Hardeep Singh Parhar
74108Jasbir Kaur
75109Late Malwinder Singh
76110Ajit Kaur
77111P. S. Bhatia
78112Raghbir Singh
79113Dara Ram Gadre
80114Mr. Bhalla
81115Kulbir Singh
82117Kulwinder Singh
83118Nirmal Rani
84120K. R. Bagga
85121J. S. Panesar
86122Santok Lal
87123Jagan Nath Bansal
88124Ram Saran Saroya
89125Er. Prem Nath Saroya
90126Balbir Singh Rai
91127Jagdev iyat
92128Sukwinder Singh Nandra
93129Dev hatt Bakshi
94130Chaman Lal
95131Avtar ingh
96132Er. Anil Kumar Clair
97134N. K. harma
98137&138Butta Mohd.
99139Balbir ingh Parmar
100141Dr. Hari Singh
101144T. R. ogra
102146Er. R. C. Tandon
103150Bhagwant Singh
104151Paramjeet Singh
105152Er. M. L. Kalia
106154Surinder Kumar (Pappu)
107155R. Tandon
108156Santokh Kumari
109157Paramjeet ingh
110158Gurbax Kaur/td>
111159M. K. Joshi
112160Bhupinder Singh
113161Gian Devi
114162Avtar Chand Paul
115163Shiv aid
116165Ranjit Singh Rana
117167Sukhwinder S. Dhariwal
118168Madan Singh
119170Satnam Singh
120172Er. Gurdeep Singh
121173P. L. Jhalli
122174Shangara Singh Chumber
123175H. . Sopti
124177J. S. Sodhi
125178Balwinder umar
126179Sohan Singh
127180Satpal Chopra
128182Kulwinder Kaur
129186Amrit al agga
130187Dr. Iqbal Singh
H. L. Arora
132189Satnam Singh Ranu
133190Manjit Sangar
134191Davinder Pal
135192Rajkumar Raju
136193Davinder Singh
137195Harjeet Singh
138196Daljit Singh
139197Balbir Kaur
140199Harbhajan Singh
142203Jeet Singh
143205Naresh Bawa Kohli
144208&209Mr. Bhalla
145211Gurmej Singh
146213Tara Singh
147214Er. Sarwan Singh Mann
148215Dr. Narinder Jit Singh
149216Mohinder Ram
150217Dr. oginder Singh
151219Jagdish Sahai
152220Ram Nath Sharma
153221M. S. Gill
154222Dr. Kuldip Singh
155223Surinder Singh Parmar
156224Rakesh Mohan Arora
157225Sanjeev Chauser
158226Parvesh Kumar Gupta
159227Sohan Singh Bhinder
160228O. P. Batra
161229Sudarshan Batra
162230Ram Asra
163231Nachhattar Kaur
164232Sukhwinder Singh
165233Neel Kamal
166234Amarjit Singh
167239Massa Singh
168243Avtar Singh
169245S. S. Sahota
170247Avtar Singh Dardi
171248Madan Lal Sethi
172249Rishi Vinayak
173250Dalvir Singh
174251Gurmukh Singh Namdhari
175252Sohan Lal Bagla
176253K. K. Kanda
177254Gurdawar Ram Banga
178256Malkiat Singh Bansal
179257Gurtek Singh Cheema
180258Gurdev Singh
181259Sushil Kumar Sharma
182260Varinder Singh
183261Gurmail Singh
184264Chanchal Bansal
185265M. P. Jethi
186266Satpal Singh
187267Jyoti Chopra
Kuldip Singh Parmar
189272Gurjinder Singh
190273Tarlochan Singh Parmar
Anju Sharma
192278&279Dr. Brij Mohan Khanna
Amrik Singh Sandhu
194286Subhash Goyal
195287H. D. Batra
196288G. K. Verma
197289Hardev Singh Lamba
198290Mulkh Raj Chug
199292G. S. Matharu
200293R. S. Bhogal
201294G. S. Virdi
202295H. S. Parmar
203296HarbhajanSingh Parmar
204297Satnam Singh
205298Jasvir Singh Jaswal
206299Yash Pal Soni
207300Rakesh Sachdeva
208302Iqbal Singh Garewal
209304Iqbal Singh Parmar
210306Gurdeep Singh Saini
Parminder Singh Bhogal
212309Bhupinder Singh
Hardish Kaur
214311Kulbir Singh
215312Daulat Ram
216313Er. Harbinder Singh Walia (Lovely)
217314Joginder Singh
218315Mohan Lal Saini
219317Jaswinder Kaur
221321Bhupinder Singh
222322Manjeet Singh Banwait
223324Mohinder Singh

325Sukhbir Singh
225326Ram Rattan Kapila
226327Sohan Singh
227328Dr. M. L. Bansal
228330Dharambir Singh
229331Balwinder Kaur
230332Manjeet Singh
231333Dr. Bachittar Singh
232334Tarlok Singh
233337Malkiat Singh
234338Satnam Singh
235339Pawan Kapoor
236340Harbans Kaur
237341Rakesh Chander Dheer
238342Swaran Singh
239344Sukhbir Singh
240345Hakikat Rai
241346Makhan Singh
242347Nirmal Singh Bal
243349&350Balbir Raja Sodhi
244351Harvinder Singh
245353Mukhtiar Singh
246356Harbhajan Singh
247357Mohinder Singh
248358Parmod Sobti
249359Joginder Singh
250361Rajesh Kumar
251362Harbhajan Kaur
252364Jagtar Singh
253365Amrik Singh
254366Mohinder Singh Dosanjh
255368Paramjeet Pawar
256369Jagjit Singh
257370Dr. Kartar Singh
258371Ajit Singh
259372Ranjit Singh Pawar
260373Paramjeet Pawar
261374Harwel Singh
262375Jaspal Kaur
263376Tarlochan Singh
264377Jagmohan Madan
265378P. K. Ohri
266379Banarsi Dass
267380Pakhar Ram
268381Amrik Singh Doad
269384Ram Ratti
270386Er. Rakesh Kumar
271387Inderpreet Singh
273393G. S. Marwaha
274394&395Beant Singh Kundi
275396Sohan Singh Khangura
276398Ashok Kumar Sharma
277399Er. Late Mohinder Ram
278400R. S. Parmar
279408Harbhajan Singh
280410Chaman Lal
281414Er. Avtar Singh Bansal
282416Harjinder Singh Mann
283419Er. Ram Rattan
284420Rajinder Kaur
285423Er. Rajiv Sharma
286429Parveen Kumar Sharma
287434Dr. Malkiat Singh
H. G. Bhardwaj
289440Yash Pal Sharma
290441Om Parkash Sharma
291446Hardev Singh
292447Tarsem Lal
293448Dr. Kapoor
294449Satnam Singh Dhaliwal
295451Harvinder Singh
296452Adarsh Bharat Kranti
297460Dr. Ajit Singh Mallah
298461K. R. Heer
299462Parminder Singh
300463Sukhdev Singh
301467Nachhattar Kaur
302504Moti Lal Varma
303512Ashok Kumar
304516Dr. Navpreet Kaur
305517&518Dr. Narinderjit Singh
306519Dr. Arvinder Singh Sangha
307523Harwinder Singh
308524Baljit Singh
309526G. S. Saini
310528S. R. Mehmi
311529Vijay Kumar
313538Er. Harmesh al Bhavaj
314562Charanjit Singh Channi
315573Dr. R. S. Lakhari
316582Narinder Singh
317586Jagmohan Singh
318587Prof. Sanjeev Sharma
319588G. S. Malvai
320589Harblas Bagla
321591Jugal Kishore
322593Pargan Singh
323594Naresh Chhabra
324595Raj Kumar
325596Vipin Kumar Kholi
326597Surinder Mohindru
327599Pal Singh
328600R. S. Kang
329604Piara Lal
330613Harpal Singh
331614Guljar Singh
332617J. S. Dosanjh
334621Nirmal Singh Mahey
335625Kulwant Singh
S. R. Birah
337630Joga Ram
338631Ram Singh
339636&637Gurnam Singh
340638Er. Lakhbir Jassi
341639Baljit Kaur
342642Gurdas Ram
343643Alok Singh Koonar
344645Anil Taneja
345646Manohar Singh
Er. Pawan Kumar
347648Manoj & Anil Kumar
348649K. S. Bhinder
349654Vidya Sagar Paul
350655Er. Amrit Pal
351656Dr. S. P. Sandhu
352659Dr. A. K. Sheemar
353664Pawan Kumar
354666Gurdial Sodhi
355847O. P. Gaur
356852Avtar Singh
357853Rajesh Tandon
358854V. K. Madan
359855Raj Kumar Chauna
360857Jaspal Singh Bhatia
361858Suresh Sharma
362861Dr. Surjit Singh
363862Gurmej Kaur
364864Dr. Baldev Raj
365865Sohan Ram
Sanjeev Nayyar
367868&869Rajan Bagga
368873Kashmir Singh
369874Prem Lal
370877Satnam Singh
371915Jagjit Singh
372HIG-917Arun Gupta
Kabal Kaur
374HIG-920Dr. Harpreet Singh
375HIG-921Charanjit Kaur
376HIG-922Prof. Balbir Singh Minhas
377HIG-923Dalip Singh
378HIG-924Joginder Singh
379HIG-925Gurjit Kaur
380HIG-926Ajit Singh Hayer
381HIG-927Satwant Singh
382HIG-928Sukhdev Kaur
383HIG-929Babu Lal Gadwal
384HIG-930Paramjit Singh
385HIG-931Piara Lal
386HIG-932S. C. Puri
387HIG-933Prof.Rajinder Singh Khalon
388HIG-934Dr. Surinder Mohan Singh
389HIG-935Kuldeep Singh
390HIG-936Ramji Bansal
391950Ashwani Sharma
Manoj Kumar
393959Kashmir Kaur
394976Avtar Bir Singh
395984&985Manjit Singh
396986Avtar Singh
397989D. K. Joshi
398993Makhan Lal
399995Mohinder Singh
400997Amrit Pal Singh
4011000Dr. Inderjit Singh Basu
4021016Jaspreet Singh
4031017S. M. Rana
4051020Gurbaksh Singh
4061025Dr. Ratan Pal
4071027Harpal Singh
4081029Dr. Prem Pal
4091031Kishan Pal
4101035B. R. Sodhi
4111036Surinder Dhingra