Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Whimsical Acts of PUDA Administration

The Water and Sewerage Bill has been issued to the each house.

The date of paying the bill is 15-10-2007 to 22-10-2007.

However, in a surprise decision, this time, the authorities which matters have decided to collect the bill at the counters of the Centurion Bank of Punjab. The branches selected for the purpose is one at Jalandhar, the second one is at Kapurthala and one at Phagwara.

It is the most unimaginative act of the PUDA Administration.

To add a harassment to the vows of the residents, the Bank of Punjab ask the residents to surrender the original bill along with the payment leaving the residents without any proof of the bill for the concerned period. The Bank people imprudently ask to get the photostat of the bill if anyone ask them to return the original bill.

Secondly even the bank selected within Phagwara is nearly five kilometers away from the colony. Then there is no parking space before the bank. The flyover being constructed before the bus stand, where the bank in question is situated, has obstructed the access to the bank. Those, who come from the residence colony, have to take a round of ten kilometers from the other side of Phagwara.

Is it fair?

How can PUDA be that unimaginative and cruel to the residents?

Shoddy Patch Work Abandoned

It was found that during the late showers of the rainy season, some patch work on the roads in the inner lanes had started. However, the work was done in a highly shoddy manner. A group of old aged men and women, in group of four to five people, had been filling big gravel and some of the patches were even covered with carpet with smaller gravel at some spot. However, that was abandoned before any area was mended in the right earnest.

The patches which were filled in month of September are now loosening up and creating bigger craters.

It is astonishing to observe that the Estate Officer and PUDA administrators treating the residents of Urban Estate Phagwara in a very stepmotherly manner. There seems to be confidence in them that there are no one to demand explanation from them.

Shame Shame.